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Difference Between EDC and IDC in Real Estate

Difference Between EDC and IDC in Real Estate :-

IDC covers the cost of infrastructure developments like transit systems and highways in the city at the project location.

EDC is for essential facilities like drainage, electricity supply, water supply, landscaping, etc., done solely for the project.

EDC- External Development Charges

EDC stands for External Development Charges, these charges are collected by the government through builders or developers so that they can carry on the external development in order to create a township or society.

All external work including electricity, water supply, roads, drains, sewage schools, hospitals, fire-stations, sub-stations, stadium/sports complex etc are counted in EDC.

Internal Development Charges (IDC) in Real Estate:

In real estate Investment these are the charges that are same as the EDC charges and are collected by the government.

All these charges are used by the government in building the infrastructure and in the improving of socio-economic sectors of the state that includes highways, transportation systems, water supply facilities, electricity facilities and much more.

IDC full form is infrastructure development charges. Do not confuse it with internal development charges. As per the RERA Act, 2016, IDC includes the cost of developing major infrastructure projects like bridges, highways, and transport systems in the city in which the property is located.

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