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Why is real estate so expensive in Gurgaon?

Q Why is real estate so expensive in Gurgaon?

Several reasons can contribute to this, notably increased housing demands, rise in luxury homes, industry development, and so on. According to specialists, the lowest costs might occur through any transfer or sale of a business property, condominium, or built-up residence. Whatever sales are made at the beginning of the calendar year are anticipated to increase for all Gurgaon markets for real estate categories.

This is attributable not just to the high demand for Gurgaon residential plots, but also to the high demand for luxury houses. There’s been a 10-25 per cent increase in regions along the Golf Course Road, Golf Course ext. Road areas along the Dwarka Expressway, districts around the Rapid Metro System, and sectors directly adjacent to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR).

The fee of 55,000 per square yard has increased by Rs. 5000 in sections near the Golf Course Road, particularly sectors 27, 28, 43, and 42. The pricing in the new areas along the Dwarka Expressway has risen from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 36,000 per square yard.

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